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Amber Services
Secure Destruction Services
A Secure Way To Dispose Of Your Waste...

Amber Services offers a secure destruction of goods service, destruction is carried out by secure shredding via industrial shredders on our fully CCTV covered site. We offer a full audit trail from collection to destruction, and certification at the end of the process. If the customer agrees, we will aim to recover and much recyclable product wherever possible, without copromising the security of the service.

We currently provide this service to a number of high street chains and national manufacturers. The site is fully licensed by the Environment agency and customers can witness the goods being destroyed if they wish. The service is a cost efficient alternative to incineration.

Items Include;

  • Solid Goods which require destruction.
  • Toiletries, Cosmetics and Packaging.
  • Electrical and Leisure Goods.
  • Fashion, Branded and High-Value Products.
  • Off-spec and Out of Date Products.
  • Confidential Shredding of documents.
  • Other "sensitive" wastes.
  • Counterfeit products.

Telephone: 01443 865 965