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Amber Services
Rollonoff Services

Ideal For Large Quantities Of Waste ...

Ideal for customers producing large quantities of waste or bulky waste, the RollonRolloff System is an economical solution. The rollonoff container are very large open or closed containers with capacities from 16 to 40 cubic yards. Whilst the 30 / 35 / 40 cubic yard Rollonoffs are ideal for lightweight bulky waste, the 16 / 20 cubic yard Rollonoffs can cope with heavier wastes, even brick / rubble and muck away wastes.

Features include:

  • Available in a variety of sizes  ranging from 16yds to 40yds for flexibility and economy.
  • Opening doors at the rear allowing for walk-in loading of waste material.
  • Ideal solution for large volume waste output and regular collections.
  • Ideal for the collection of segregated recyclables such as  cardboard / timber / packaging / metal.

Compactor Containers

Where customers produces large quantities of lightweight compactable waste, savings can be achieved by the use of Compactor Containers, enabling the waste material to be compressed into a fraction of its former volume.

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